workstation assessments

Workstation Assessments

Your desk, chair and organisation of your computer is paramount in optimising your posture and support when sitting.  

Some individuals suffer from fatigue, eye strain, repetitive strain injuries and other upper limb disorders.  This may be the result of a poorly designed workstation or a combination of factors that influence your symptoms.

Occupational health physiotherapists observe you working to ascertain whether reasonable adjustments can be made or whether alternative equipment may be appropriate (for example - a document holder).  The aim of the assessment is to improve your comfort, safety and performance to minimise sickness absence, improve efficiency and productivity.  

Vehicle Assessments

For individuals who drive for long periods it can be common to experience symptoms such as low back pain.  Prolonged periods of driving have been strongly linked with an increase in musculoskeletal disorders.   

Current research has proven a link with fatigue, irregular working hours and an increase in road traffic accidents.  

Vehicle assessors review driving postures and look at in car solutions to improve your support and comfort.  However, multiple options may be explored - looking at the time spent in your car before a driving break, simple in-car exercises or a recommended change in your working practices.  
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