Rider symmetry

Rider Physiotherapy

Do you have a problem sitting straight in the saddle?

Struggle with your transitions or lateral aids?

Dressage scores not the same on both reins?

how to improve your rider symmetry

Rider symmetry and biomechanics are an important component of ridden performance.  An asymmetrical seat can result in altered muscle development for your horse.  Asymmetrical muscling can lead to 'crookedness', problems achieving the correct bend, the development of a 'better rein', all of which can alter performance and straightness.

In our assessment we will look at your position when sitting in the saddle.  This will allow us to determine where you may need treating - to relieve tight or sore tissues or correct alignment and symmetry.  This allows us to evaluate any muscular weakness and set you on a tailored and specific programme to achieve symmetrical bliss!

Rider physiotherapy can be conducted at our clinic in Steeple Morden (just remember to bring your saddle with you!) or alternatively you can receive a rider assessment at your yard. 

Our Physiotherapist, Daisy is also in the unique position to treat both YOU and your HORSE to maximise your synergy.  She is registered with the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Animal Therapy (ACPAT) and Team GB Physiotherapist for both horses and drivers with the British Pony Driving Team.

Team GB Physiotherapist
British Carriage Driving

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exercise prescription

Strength and flexibility are important aspects for competitive rider.  We offer rider physiotherapy assessments looking at you on your horse, followed by an assessment of your strengths and weaknesses.

You will be prescribed a fully comprehensive exercise programme that is specific to your discipline.

Our exercise prescription will focus on rider specific Pilates based exercises, delivered by our APPI trained Physiotherapist
Rider Physiotherapy
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